Why EQ is Important

About Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was popularized in 1995 by author Daniel Goleman who teaches that a high IQ isn’t the most significant predictor of success in life and leadership. He believes that our EQ – our ability to relate to people and build relationships — is a far greater quotient in determining our success and earning potential. According to the Harvard Business Review, EQ is the leading factor in reaching our goals in all domains including career and financial, relationships, contribution, health and wellness, and living our chosen life with purpose. The five elements of Emotional Intelligence include:

  • Self-awareness: understanding your moods, emotions, and drive and how they impact others
  • Self-regulation: thinking before you react, and suspending judgment of others and yourself, and then responding with responsibility
  • Motivation: developing a passion for what you do that’s bigger than earnings
  • Empathy: understanding and connecting to the emotions of others
  • Social Skills: the ability to develop connection and intimacy to create and sustain relationships

About Our EQ Trainings

Essential emotional intelligence trainings are designed to support people in identifying limiting belief systems that keep them from experiencing success and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. This coursework is for high-performers who want to uplevel their lives to the next chapter of success. They are designed to maximize the relationship and communication skills of individuals to increase their ability to declare and deliver outrageous results. Through essential emotional intelligence trainings, students learn to:
  • Master the principles from which all great leaders live.
  • Expand time management skills, create powerful communication/relationship skills, and navigate through obstacles to create intended results.
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem.
  • Increase public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Be driven by goals versus emotions and attitudes.
  • Experience what it is to empower others to achieve.
  • Be responsible and willing to be held accountable for results.
  • Enhance creative thinking skills and see possibilities verses obstacles for achieving success
  • Achieve personal excellence and accomplish the extraordinary in all areas of life, including the workplace.

About Teen Leadership

Teen Leadership is a dynamic motivational and leadership training for teens between the ages of 13 and 17 who have a sincere commitment to create extraordinary results in academics, sports, relationships, and all areas of their lives. The course gives teenagers the opportunity to discover and redesign the limiting beliefs they have about themselves and others. It’s these self-imposed limitations that keep them from fully achieving their maximum capabilities. This redesign allows them to pursue their dreams and goals with new freedom and passion, and to create a solid foundation of powerful tools to use the rest of their lives in relationships, conflict management, and self discipline. During the three days of training, students will participate in experiential education designed to create long-term results in the areas of: confidence, self-discipline, real and relevant relationship building, accountability, time management, public speaking, possibility thinking, team concepts (creating win/win), responsibility, honoring your word, and integrity.

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